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How to Beat the Bosses in Wolfenstein (2009)

Here's a guide to defeating all the Boss enemies in Wolfenstein (2009). I've also included the Elite in the Bubble at the Airfield mission since she and her Despoiled buddies are very tough. There are spoilers, so you've been warned.

1. Altered Boss (How to kill the Boss, the Altered, at the end of Hospital mission.) You come upon a large room with a Black Sun Portal. You are standing on a landing and the Portal is on the ground before you. In the cutscene, a Nazi officer tells a scientist that he is going to protect him from you, BJ Blazkowicz. (Pictured above.) He throws the scientist into the portal. But instead of a controllable mutant, out comes the Altered. A gigantic, mutated, hulk like creature. He rips up the Nazi. The cutscene ends. However, there is a big hint coming. You see another soldier try to shoot the Altered. The Altered mashes him and the pillar he is standing next to, into pieces. Your objective is to destroy the pillars or columns.

As Yoda would say, "Your weapons, you will not need them." You cannot hurt the Altered with any of the weapons you have. None of your weapons will effect the pillars. Destroying the machinery next to the pillars does not work. It took me a few hours to figure this one out and that was by accident. Here is the solution. Stand behind a pillar. The Altered will rush you and hit the pillar instead. That damages it. Get him to rush you again by shooting him. Make sure, you are behind the pillar. The second time, he demolishes it. Two more times, you complete the objective. The Altered gets sucked into the Black Sun dimension. After the cutscene, get the Empower Crystal. Take out Nazis that will attack you. Don't forget the tome in the back room. Use Empower to shoot through the shield to hit the red barrel that explodes and brings down its power source. Leave the level.

Now, you will face the Altered, two more times in the game. Both occur at the Castle mission. During the mission, you will obtain the Leichenfaust 44, the game's version of the BFG. This gun is powered by Veil energy and can also create anti-gravity zones. Shortly after, you come upon a gate that keeps you from moving forward. You also see that the Resistance and Nazis are fighting an Altered in the courtyard. Use one shot to lift the gate. Use one shot on the beast. Zap. It vaporizes. You come upon another Altered on your second approach to the dinning room. Same process. One last thing. Save your ammo for this gun. Use only against tough Bosses such as the Queen Geist and Hans Grosse.

2. General Zetta (How to kill the Boss, General Zetta, at the end of the Cannery mission.) At the end of the Cannery mission you enter a large room with three Veil pools shooting upwards towards generators. The cutscene has you trying to kill Zetta with your submachine gun. The bullets pass through him. That's a hint. Now the battle begins.

Your bullets pass through him because he doesn't belong to this dimension. Turn on your Veil sight or powers. He's a Veil creature. Cool. Okay, now that you are in his dimension, your weapons do hurt him. Turn on Empower. Blast away. As he gets hurt, he retreats in classic boss fashion to the Veil pools to regenerate. Above the pools a generator opens up. In your Veil sight, it's red. Destroy them. It not only keeps him from recharging but hurts him also. As he does this two more times, destroy those generators. Keep the pressure on him and finish him off.

A couple things to note. Guns will do fine here. With Empower, you can save your heavy weapons. Plus there's ammo lying around for your guns. Use the Veil pools to regenerate your powers. Zetta has two wave attacks. Both you can avoid. One wave is head level so duck! The other is ground level so jump. Keep running and gunning. You should be able to bring down Zetta easily.

3. Queen Geist (How to kill the Boss, Quenn Geist, at the end of the Castle Mission.) Before you begin the Castle mission, you might want to upgrade the damage power of your heavy weapons. You will need extra firepower against this boss.

You reach the top of the Castle. You meet an old friend, Deathshead from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Before you can have a warm reunion, Queen Geist interrupts the proceedings. Queen Geist is like the queen monster in the film Aliens. Deathshead escapes but Queen Geist is one unhappy mother. She starts to come at you. You look at an anti-aircraft gun. (AA gun) Hint. The scene ends. You are in the seat of the gun. The anti-aircraft gun has unlimited ammo but overheats so take that into consideration.

Okay, the battle begins. As the Queen moves towards you, pound her with fire from the AA gun. I aim for the pink areas. She then staggers and exposes her side abdomen with more pink organs. Those are egg sacks. Destroy one. You won't get a chance to destroy more than one at a time. She then retreats to the other dimension. She then send two types of foes against you. It is random which foe you will face. The easiest one is the crawling ant like larvae. They're slow but watch out for the one you're going to miss chewing on your legs. The second foe is the flying angry geist. They're fast. You can use Mire to slow down time. Here's another way to get them. Listen for the sound cue. They make a popping explosive noise when they enter our dimension. Coordinate that sound with the need to fire your weapon. Use short bursts to avoid overheating the gun.

Once you're finished with that, Queen Geist makes another appearance. This time she destroys your gun. Don't stand there. RUN! Find another AA gun on the roof. Now avoid the Veil pools because these are like mines set up by the Queen. There are Veil canisters lying behind guns but I was too busy to trying to get to a one. Once you get to an AA gun, same cycle. This happens three more times for a total of four. You then get sucked into the Black Sun dimension and are later deposited on the bridge back to Isenstadt.

Whew. You walk back to the truck and mama Geist surprises you by blocking your escape. A little geography is in order here. The bridge structure you are going to fight on is L shaped. At the corner of the L, is a pool of Veil energy.

Take your guns and fire away. Use Empower to pound the Queen. If you get too close she will deliver massive damage with her claws. This is where you might want to use heavy weapons. See, this is why before this mission and Airfield that you should upgrade your heavy weapons. If she gets too close, run. But before you reach the other side of the bridge which is blocked by debris, she appears before you. Again, pound away. Refurbish your Veil energy and keep gunning. Eventually, she stumbles to the ground. Go up to her. Get the signal to plant dynamite. Do it. Kapow!

4. Elite in a Bubble (How to kill the Elite and Despoiled Bosses in the middle of the Airfield West mission.) About half way through the Airfield West mission, you come upon a large hanger. You enter it. Walk up the steps and look to the floor of the hanger. Bill Brown's wonderful music tells you something mysterious and powerful is here. Suspended above the floor is an Elite in a bubble of Veil energy. It's powered by three generators on the ground. Look behind the bubble. There's a pool of Veil energy for you to use. Strewn on the ground are Veil canisters and ammunition. I hope you've upgraded the damage levels of your weapons because a big battle is coming.

As you hit the ground, Ms. Elite tells you she can't be hurt. Your first objective is too destroy the three generators. Doing this causes the Elite to resurrect two Despoiled. These two are fast. They hurl energy balls at you creating massive damage. Pull out your Particle cannon. Go to a Despoiled and half circle strafe. Use Empower. Once you run out of energy, run to the pool. Keep running and gunning. When you eliminate the second Despoiled, Ms. Elite jumps out of the bubble and attacks you. Focus on her. Why? First, she's coming at you anyway. Second, she can raise more Despoiled. Use heavy weapons again. Keep circle strafing. Run to the pool or a canister if you need energy. Once you drop her, watch out for any Despoiled she may have raised before her demise.

ATTENTION: LAST CALL. When you reach the end of Airfield East, you run into an arms dealer. Don't be frugal here. You will not be returning to Isenstadt. And a big boss lurks. Buy upgrades to increase the damage that your weapons can inflict. Before you enter the supply Zeppelin, leave about one thousand dollars since you will get into a firefight. Then go back to the dealer to restock on ammo. Leave the Airfield level and the arms dealer.

5. Hans Grosse (How to kill the Boss, Hans Grosse, at the Black Sun mission.) After you jump through a portal on the zeppelin, you reach an area with another portal to jump through. Before you go, look to the right, there's ammo if you need it. Go through the next portal. You now meet up with Deathshead and Hans Grosse, another nod to previous Wolfenstein games, this one Wolfenstein 3d. Deathshead talks about world domination, yadda, yadda, yadda and then tells Hans, his henchman, to kill you. Hans has the same Veil powers that you do. He also has a chain gun and a rocket launcher. Let the battle begin.

Stage One. You are on a circular arena. At the center, is Hans in front of a Thule machine absorbing Black Sun energy. There are machines orbiting him. These machines spew out Veil energy. Hans boasts about having the same power that you do. He then turns on his shield. He fires his chain gun at you. Now run for cover behind the orbiting machines. If you run out of energy get refills from one of the machines. Pull out the assault weapon and turn on Empower. You shoot him and find out he can be hurt if you use Empower. After softening him up, switch to the rocket launcher and use Empower. Keep moving, using the machines as cover. Remember, Empower allows you to penetrate his shields. Eventually you will bring him down. Walk over to him. As he taunts you, stab him with your Shield Crystal.

Stage Two. You are transferred to a another circular arena. This one has strange moving gears like a clock. There is a pool of Veil energy in the center. You hear Hans taunt you. He is moving at high speed. Firing his chainguns at you double barrel. This is cool because it's a nod to the original Wolfenstein as this Hans movements mimics that of the old one. Use Mire to slow him down. Use ruins for cover. I would use the Particle Cannon here. Hopefully, you have fully upgraded this weapon. The flux arc is helpful since your energy beams bend towards Hans. Eventually, you bring him down. Stab him again, this time with the Mire Crystal.

Stage Three. You are now floating down towards an asteroid like structure. You land on a Nazi camp. Look around. There is more ammunition to reload your weapons. Then follow the path up. You hear Hans taunt you again. This time he rains rockets on your position. Run. Stop under the bridge with the red crystals. Do not move until you destroy the bridge since Hans has the high ground and kills you if you move further. Aim your rocket launcher at the red crystal. The bridge collapses. Continue up the path. Hans unloads on you with his guns. Well, don't just stand there, let him have it with your assault rifle. He weakens and retreats. Continue up the path until you reach a Veil ladder.

Stop and rest. If you need to recharge your energy, you can wait for it to eventually refill. Take out your flamethrower because you can hear a pack of Snifflers. Move up the ladder. Flambe them. More come at you, so be ready. This is where enhancing the range of the flamethrower is helpful but you can still get good use out of it if you didn't. Finally, you trap Hans at the edge of the path. Shoot him with your assault rifle. He falls. Is it over? No, it ain't that easy.

As you look over the edge, you float to the top of the rock. This arena has Thule ruins and Veil energy spewing from some of the walls. At the center is the Nazi machine collecting Black Sun power. Hans is at the top of the machine, again yelling more insults at you. The man doesn't know when to shut up. Okay, let him have it as he is insulting you. Use your rocket launcher. Eventually he comes down to kill you. Bring out the big guns. Use Empower with them. If hurt use ruins for cover and to refill Veil energy. Tesla, Particle Cannon and Leichenfaust are all good to use here. Eventually, you bring him down. Stab him with another Crystal. He and the machine are destroyed. You are transferred to the beginning of the level. Run through the active portal. That starts the final cinematic. Congratulations, you have just finished Wolfenstein. Your reward is a cheat menu when you start a new campaign.

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