Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard Knocks: Rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals

In a bizarre twist Serena Williams lost a match for a conduct violation at the U.S. Open. What? Oh, there was a Bengals game today? Let's face it, you were expecting a heart breaking loss. Didn't you think that Shayne Graham was going to miss the extra point when the Bengals tied it with less than a minute remaining? Come on Bengals' fans you knew they were going to find a way to lose this game. You're a Bengals' fan. This is our lot in life. Did you guess it was going to be a tip pass to the another receiver for the winning TD? I mean the football gods got creative on this one. First, it's top pick Andre Smith breaks his foot. Now this. What will be the next Bengals disaster?

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