Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glenn Beck finds communist and fascist art in New York

Glenn Beck on his show has just accused the late industrialist John Rockefeller of being some type of communist-fascist. How? He looks at the various artworks Rockefeller sponsored as having communist-fascist symbols. Okay, Glenn where's your proof? I mean did you do any research into the artists to determine that they wanted to spread communist-fascist ideology? Do you have a link to Rockefeller wanting to spread communist-fascist ideology? Do you realize that communism and fascism are entirely two different political systems? And where's your art degree that makes you an expert? I mean you could probably make these arguments about any art deco pieces. Of course, he ties all this to Obama at the end of his story. You know what Glenn? You would be a pretty good guy for Senator Joe McCarthy. Here's the clip.

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