Thursday, September 17, 2009

GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Trailer

Gals. Guns. Gays. Stand by for over the top action as Rockstar will release on October 29, the new expansion game for Grand Theft Auto IV, titled "The Ballad of Gay Tony." You play Luis Lopez, the muscle for Tony Prince, night club owner. If you've played GTA IV, and the other expansion game, "The Lost and the Damned", it looks like Luis was the guy involved in the sale of the diamonds that gets stolen by Johnny Klebitz and is also seen in GTA IV's mission, "Musuem Piece." If we're dealing with the gay community of Libety City, let's hope we see GTA IV's Bernie Crane and the hypocritical politician Bryce Dawkins. According Game Informer's October issue (pg. 60), the tank makes a comeback. (Pictured. Okay, it's not a tank but an APC but still an armoured vehicle to create havoc.) Yay. Here's the trailer. Hey is that Gracie Ancelotti? (GTA IV)

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