Monday, September 14, 2009

Fixing the Wolfenstein XBOX 360 freeze and crash

My Wolfenstein (XBOX) game crashed at the last mission, "Black Sun." Activision suggested that I play a previously saved game and delete the rest. I went one step further. I did delete all the games except the one I loaded and deleted all games as I went on. By the time, I reached the portal chamber on the "Zeppelin" mission, I had one saved game. After I threw the right switches, I hopped into the portal to start the last mission, "Black Sun." Yippee! It worked. I was able to access the last mission with 100% in collectibles. (Gold, intel, and tomes)

I decided to play the game again from the beginning to test the idea of deleting older saved games to avoid the freeze and crash. I regularly deleted games. There was no order to pick up all the collectibles, (gold, intel, tomes) except a logical one to avoid more advanced Nazi enemies in town. When a section of town opened, I went about collecting the items first before starting missions so I wouldn't face Elites, rocket troopers etc. that are introduced in later missions. By the time I reached the portal room in the mission, "Zeppelin" which is the next to last mission, I had one save. I deleted all the others. Again, I was able to hop into the portal and access the last mission, "Black Sun." I completed the game with 100% in collectibles.

So there are two ways to complete the game without it freezing and crashing on you. You can collect less than 80% in each collectible. The disadvantage doing it that way is you lose the advantage of collecting all the items. Or you can delete previously saved games as you progress. (Deleting saved games can be done from the pause, and load a game menu.) So, when you reach the portal chamber in "Zeppelin", you should have just one saved game. This way allows you to collect every item without the "Black Sun" mission freezing on you.

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