Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mike Brown should be Commissioner of Baseball

Make Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. "What, are you nuts?," you say. He may be the worst owner of a professional sports team in the history of man but he knows about money. He voted against the NFL collective bargaining agreement because he thought it was unfair to small market teams like his, he defeated the IRS, and now he has made a stand against the rookie slotting system by not paying his first round pick, Andre Smith, more than the guy that follows. (At least he can claim that if you look at the contract.) We all know that the economics of baseball are out of whack with high payroll teams consistently making the playoffs. It takes a tough, cheap and determined man to force a salary cap on major league baseball. Mike Brown has the same judgment as John McCain in picking Sarah Palin as the person to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. But we're not asking him to pick players from jail. We're asking him to cram down a salary cap on Major League Baseball. Sounds like Mike Brown is the man.

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