Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bengals' top pick goes down again

The Cincinnati Bengals have a history of their top draft picks going down in injury. Some went down in the preseason while others went down during the season. There was Ki-Jana Carter in 1995 tearing a ligament in his knee in his first preseason game. Then there was '04 top pick Chris Perry's inability to stay on the field. David Pollack (2005) suffered a broken neck during a regular season game in 2006. In 2007 running back Kenny Irons suffered a torn ACL during a preseason game. It now pains for me to report that Bengals first round pick for this year, Andre Smith, has gone down with a broken foot. Already behind due to a contract hold out, it looks like Smith will be delayed by an additional "few weeks" according to head coach Marvin Lewis. At least according to the Bengals' story, the team can cut his game salary in half if he's not on the active 45 man roster. I don't know if that includes being off for an injury. Regardless, I told you Mike Brown knows money. Anyway, it's now incumbent on second year Anthony Collins to step up and play as if he is going to be the man at right tackle for years to come.

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