Friday, January 25, 2013

What does J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars VII mean for Star Trek?

I'm a Trekker, that means Star Trek fan. I don't hate Star Wars, it is good cinematic entertainment. But it is not Star Trek. What's the difference? Well, Star Trek is science fiction. Star Wars is science fantasy. Star Trek is about big ideas. Philosophical. Scientific. Star Wars is Flash Gordon with cartoon villains.

So when it was announced today, that Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams will helm the next Star Wars movie, I had a mild anxiety attack. After all, Abrams is more of a Star Wars fan. Entertainment Weekly, 10-24-08, pg. 29. Would Abrams try to inject Star Wars into Star Trek? Hold on. Abrams has already injected Star Wars into Star Trek. Just watch the making of Star Trek (2009) movie documentary on the DVD called "A New Vision." First section of the documentary is called, "What Can We Learn From Star Wars Here?" And the 2009 movie felt like Star Wars with its ADHD pacing designed to appeal to teenagers. Don't get me wrong, I liked the 2009 movie but wished it was more like Star Trek than Star Wars.

I bet you wish you had Rick Berman back.

But what does Abrams helming Star Wars mean to Star Trek? One needs to look back at the delays of Star Trek Into Darkness. STID was delayed because Abrams was busy with his pet project movie, Super 8. (2011) And Abrams is one busy guy. He just created Person of Interest, Revolution before and during the production of STID. Since Abrams is fonder of Star Wars, expect his attention to be more directed to that franchise. And let's face it, Star Wars is bigger in terms of revenue. So if you want Abrams to direct the next Star Trek movie, you better wait for about five to six years. Forget about a new TV series also. At least when the Star Trek franchise was run by Rick Berman, Trekkers know they had his undivided attention.

Boldly Go.

The health and fate of any franchise starts with the writers. And luckily for Star Trek the new movies have a great writer. He is Roberto Orci or to us Trekkers, Bob Orci.

But Bob has one important distinction when it comes to his fellow writers. He's a dedicated Trekker. He knows the difference between tranya and synthehol. He understands why we cried during The Next Generation's "The Inner Light." And why we were thrilled with the Original Series "Arena." That makes Bob the perfect man to run the Star Trek franchise. And just maybe, Star Trek will return to television where it belongs, where you can tell more sophisticated stories.

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek.

The third Star Trek film should be directed by someone other than Abrams. He will be too busy. And while Abrams is a marvelous director, think of the talented directors who could film the third Star Trek movie.

What about Quentin Tarantino? Could you imagine the movie. It could star Samuel L. Jackson. I can just see it. Jackson can utter this line. "I've had it with these mother fu_king tribbles on this mother fu_king starship."


Spockchick said...

Agreed, I think a new director would be good, after all not all film series are directed by the same person. Perhaps after the jump-cuts, explosions and lens-flare of 1 & 2, a new audience will be sufficiently drawn in to accept a more cerebral final instalment. What does worry me though is the actors may walk, meaning the 3rd film is never made. Now that would be a real shame.

I am hoping this can pave the way for a TV show.

Deathlok said...

I want to see a more thoughtful third film too. Cutting right back on the lens flares would be nice as well. It would be great if Engineering got the love it deserves and had a 23rd Century look to it. Like the drawings in the art of Star Trek (2009) book.

I believe thar Robert Orci is the best man to take on the Director`s reins.