Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bengals should draft Manti T'eo


Tung N. Cheek reporting here. Today, I interview Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown about the needs of the team. It's clear they need linebackers.

Tung N. Cheek: Will the Bengals draft a linebacker in the first round?
Mike Brown: I'm tired of seeing our linebackers getting duped by tight ends, running backs and receivers. They get fooled over and over again by the quarterback, and receivers. We need wise linebackers who won't get fooled.
Tung N. Cheek: Who are you thinking about drafting?
MIke Brown: Manti T'eo. He's not going to be fooled by any ruse. He's the perfect Cincinnati Bengal...
Tung N. Cheek: ... um, Mr. Brown... T'eo was ...

Mike Brown: Cheek, I've seen the tapes. What athleticism. Manti T'eo can't be fooled.

Tung N. Cheek: um... aaaa, Mr. Brown, Manti T'eo was duped into falling in love with an online girlfriend. You see she didn't exist.
Mike Brown: Oh. Let's talk about Bengals playoff victories in the last ten years.

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