Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kim Kardashian pregnancy equals boring news day

When you're a blogger, you're supposed to post articles three times a week. Really you should write every day. So it becomes hard to write when things are boring. Nothing to see here.

I'm not Perez Hilton and writing about celebrity is not my thing. But okay, I'm still confused why Kim Kardashian is a celebrity. The latest news is that she is pregnant with Kanye West's baby and that she could make millions in the baby's first pictures. Four years ago, I had an email conversation with talk show radio host who informed me of why Kardashian is famous. She dated football player Reggie Bush. So if you look up her road to fortune and fame, it's not because she wrote a book, acted or sang. She was a socialite who had a sex tape, dated Reggie Bush and parlayed that into reality TV stardom.

So that's what gets you famous in America today. Next thng you know there will be celebrity surrounding a teenage mother. Oops, that's already happened to Bristol Palin.

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