Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness; John Harrison is Khan

Make a comment on a Star Trek website that you think the new villain for Star Trek Into Darkness (STID) is Khan. Then be prepared to be attacked by other Trekkers. It's like standing among Klingons and yelling coward. Watch out. I think some of it is that they believe you support the idea that the new villain should be Khan. For the record I do not. Been there; done that. And if you read this blog, you know I believe that the new bad guy is Khan. I still believe it's Khan even though Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the villain is called John Harrison. So, I'm going to stick my neck out and explain my reasons.

Paramount has released a picture from the movie. It shows actor. Benedict Cumberbatch, in the brig of a ship. He's got a Starfleet undershirt on. In front of him are Spock and Kirk. There's a caption that indicates Cumberbatch's character is named John Harrison. Now the angry anti-Khan faction will now say, "Aha, it's not Khan." Bob Orci did say Cumberbatch's character would be canon. And there is character on the original series called Harrison. (By the way Harrison was a member of the crew in the Khan episode, Space Seed.)

Who is John Harrison?

First, let me say that in July I surmised correctly that Alice Eve would be playing Carol Marcus. Second, the evidence (search for a Hispanic actor, 2009 DVD commentary, Eve is Marcus, Cumberbatch has superhuman strength, etc.) point to the villain being Khan. Third, has not retracted its story that Cumberbatch is Khan.

But why is Cumberbatch named Harrison and not Khan? Simple it's an alias. It's a surprise plot device that we see many times in movies. One character is not who they claim to be.

Here's an example. Let's take a look at the actress Naomie Harris and two of her movies. In Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End (2007) she plays vodoo witch Tia. But in reality she's sea goddess Calypso. This is revealed later in the movie. (Bond Spoiler ahead.) In the new Bond film, Skyfall, she's MI6 agent Eve. But at the end of the movie we find out that she's the new Moneypenny. In fact, actress Harris denied she was playing Moneypenny. So when the actors of Star Trek Into Darkness deny that Khan is in the movie, take that with a grain of salt espically when there's an alias.

How does Harrison become Khan?

Maybe the question should be, "How does Khan become Harrison?" Except for the fact that Cumberbatch is playing Khan, there's scant evidence to show how Khan became Harrison. Unfortunately, this is going to require some speculation. But I'm willing to boldly go where no Trekker has gone before.

So, here we go. Peter Weller is known to play a future CEO. Now in the show Enterprise, he played John Paxton, an anti-alien human. Paxton was captured after a plan he had to evict aliens from earth. But Weller is not playing a character that is canon. So it's doubtful he's Paxton. Could he be a grandson of Paxton? Maybe, certainly both men would have the motivation for revenge. But he's got his own ship in the movie. Let's just say he is on the search for the Botany Bay, Khan's cryogenic ship. He finds the Botany Bay. He wants to bring back Khan but knows if anyone recognizes him; he'll be arrested. But Weller's CEO has a plan.

So, Weller kidnaps a member of Starfleet, John Harrison. They kill him and surgically alter Khan to look like him. See DNA therapy in Did Another Day, (2002) and the Next Generation episode Face of the Enemy. (season 6, 1993) As a member of Starfleet, Khan-Harrison "detonates" the fleet. The word "detonate" is from the first synopsis. With the earth weakened, it becomes easier to take over. After all, Khan was a ruler of part of the planet in his time.

Kirk captures Khan-Harrison as a suspect for the act of terror against Starfleet. I'm guessing that the scene above depicts that. I'm also guessing that at that moment, Kirk and Spock do not know that Harrison is Khan. Somehow, Khan escapes. Kirk aboard the Enterprise pursues him.

The Wrath of Bernie.

I make no claims of accuracy in regards to predicting how Harrison becomes Khan. I just still believe that Khan is in the movie. Seriously, why would the writers take an obscure crewman to be the villain versus one of the greatest bad guys in science fiction? The name John Harrison sounds like an accountant.

And as I said above, I rather not see Khan again. That being said, I'll keep an open mind. If they make a great film, I'll praise it. But they better make Star Trek not Star Wars. Or else, they might have to endure the Wrath of Bernie.

Announcement trailer-Japanese version. English with Japanese subtitiles


Anonymous said...

very fascinating read. i always thought it was khan but never the way you invisioned. better be good

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that Abrams and Co. went out of their way to create a new Star Trek timeline, freeing themselves from the original series, just to repeat that show and use an identical villain in their movie? It's not Khan. But, I find it strange that people so desperately want it to be him.

Scott said...

In the of the coff- er, cryo tubes, you can see two individuals leaving the room.

The one on the right is in a white lab coat; but if you look really carefully, you can see the one on the left is wearing what looks to be a military uniform complete with hat.

This uniform looks more closer to those from our time era than that of Kirk's, which would fit in with the Khan theory as Khan escaped Earth following his overthrow during the Eugenics Wars. This could be a flashback of Khan's followers sending him and his fellow genetic superhumans into space aboard the Botany Bay.

Captain Picard said...

Great read, I am really looking forward to this movie.

DC said...

John Harrison is a backhanded slap at Star Trek in another way. JONATHAN HARRIS played Dr. Smith on 'Lost In Space'. Regardless of whether John Harrison is Khan or not, JJ has slipped Dr. Smith into Star Trek. Just another reason to hate this movie.