Monday, December 10, 2012

Bungle in the jungle

The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Dallas Cowboys today, 20-19. It was a game that the Bengals led into the fourth quarter, 19-10. The game came down to dropped passes and interceptions. Bengals receiver A.J. Green dropped a sure touchdown pass. The Bengals defense dropped a couple of interceptions. The defense also let the Cowboys drive for ten points in the fourth quarter.

The painful part of this loss? The Pittsburgh Steelers lost. The Baltimore Ravens lost. So the Bengals could have taken the lead for the final Wild Card spot. They could have moved within one game of first place in the AFC North which is held by the Ravens. Ouch.

I'm not going to be fooled like I was in 2006. That year the Bengals had to win one freaking game at the end of the season to get in the playoffs. Remember the last game with Steelers that season? The month of December, the Bengals could have gotten in the playoffs but blew chance after chance. Then came the last game. If the Bengals could have beaten the Steelers, they would have gone to the playoffs. But they lost. If you watched yesterday's game, you've seen this movie before.

Next up. The Philadelphia Eagles.

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