Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ann Coulter shows why some conservatives are racist

Not all conservatives are racist. But let's face it. There are leaders in the conservative movement that are racist. In a recent online article, conservative icon Ann Coulter has shown she is a racist. Here's the article titled "America nears el tipping pointo." Notwithstanding her Archie Bunker Spanish, Coulter in the article clearly demonstrates she is a racist. And since she's got a large conservative following, one can project that a large number of them are also racist.

In the article, she bemoans the fact that the young electorate has a larger number of non-white voters. She complains that a large number of new immigrants come from Third World countries. She states "A majority of them are in need of government assistance." Like many conservatives, she doesn't cite any facts for that assertion. She merely reacts.

There are more racist comments. The new Hispanics are the "poorest of the world's poor." She points out that the new Hispanic immigrants are " having illegitimate children and going on welfare." Any facts, Ann? No. The Huffington Post debunked much of her racist diatribe.

You couple this with Fox News' Bill O' Reilly's complaints of the end of traditional America, and you have a racist conservative movement. When I was younger, the mainstream conservative Republicans were not this racist. The fear of the coloring of America is a racist one. It's what I used to hear from guys in the Klu Klux Klan about America beginning to look like Brazil. It's my hope that the electorate reject the Republican Party until they become more libertarian in regards to individual rights not just guns and taxes and less bigoted.

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