Friday, December 21, 2012

Conservatives and liberals must compromise on guns

First, let me say again conservatives can't and don't compromise. And here's more proof. The NRA's Wayne LaPierre spoke at a Washington news conference today. He could have agreed that there should be an assault weapons ban in light of the Sandy Hook shootings. No such luck and no surprise. He takes the radical right position. No compromise. He then went crazy and blamed video games for the murder of the innocent children.

LaPierre also made a suggestion that I used to find hilarious. He wants armed police in the schools. But I've thought about this. And I agree that armed guards, police or teachers who are trained could help. And liberals, you can show you can compromise. There's no down side to having a "good guy with a gun" as LaPierre puts it, defending our children from the evil or deranged. And conservatives must compromise here. Banning assault weapons and extended magazines can save further lives. We can all agree we need to improve our mental health system. If that means more tax dollars to make sure the mentally ill are able to get treatment then so be it.

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