Friday, October 12, 2012

Was Obama part of teleportation experiments?

Stephen Colbert goes over another crazy President Obama conspiracy. This time, the story is that as a young man, Obama was involved in government teleportation experiments. Okay, if you're going to talk about teleportation, you've got to ask somebody from Star Trek. And he asks William Shatner aka Captain Kirk. Very funny stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Any day now someone will discover a means of projecting matter from one location to another without having to traverse the space in between. It will undoubtedly involve quantum dynamics or an extension thereof by another name. It may be called “teleportation” for distances on Earth and “colindation” (following a progression of developments) for projections of multimillion-ton masses to another planet light-years across the universe. We may become able to mine distant planets for resources that have been depleted on Earth. One consequence will be that the speed of light will no longer constrain communications over long distances because without traversing the distance in between, a hard copy can “arrive” virtually the instant it is sent.

As has been said many times before, “the problem that can not be solved does not exist.” While that slogan has frequently been misused by governments, politicians, and religious fanatics to deny the existence of a problem to which they know no solution, scientists always took it to mean that a solution exists—but only remains to be discovered. Many are trying at this moment to duplicate molecular level phenomena at macro scales (and vice versa). Someday soon someone will succeed—sooner than we think. Always remember that the exponential growth of new knowledge is happening at an exponential rate of increase. The automobile, telephone, computer, Internet, etc., created new industries that no one anticipated. The next might be teleportation.

The transmutation that the discovery of teleportation will impose on the existing structure of society will be monumental and unprecedented. Everything from people to rain clouds, to industrial machinery, to beef on the hoof will suddenly be able to be inexpensively transferred to any desired location on Earth. This will have a tremendously benevolent effect on the world’s economies as the movement of goods becomes suddenly cheaper and people become able to visit faraway tourist attractions with zero travel time. The progressive, development, production, and marketing of small personal “TP Transceivers” will create a new bubble of economic excess never before experienced. Early users of teleportation will find a new freedom hitherto unknown. They will no longer be bound by geography. A woman might work in Los Angeles by day and be home with her family in Indianapolis at night. Men might accept promotions to jobs in London, meet their wives for dinner in Rio and join the children at home in San Francisco for the night.

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