Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Cincinnati Bengals season is over

The 2012 season for the Cincinnati Bengals is over. It ended on Sunday night with a nationally televised loss to the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals were ahead at one point 14 -3 and ended up losing 24-17. It wasn't that close. If the Steelers receivers had caught some passes they should have, the Steelers probably would have won by a bigger margin. And the Bengals lost to a Steelers team with major injuries. Let's use the Clint Eastwood formula to quickly go over the game.

1. The Good. No game next week. It's a bye. Yeah, thank God no Bengals football. Time to think about where a 5-11 Bengals team will draft.

2. The Bad. The Bengals offense. They were good in the first half but things went bad when Andy "I might have Jon Kitna's small hands" Dalton pumped faked the ball and it slipped out of his hands into an interception. The second half saw a Bengals team that couldn't adjust.

3. The Ugly. The vaunted Bengals defense showed they could not tackle. A third string running back ran for 122 yards. It was embarrassing to see the Bengals defense melt like an ice cube on a hot Cincinnati day.

4. Time to think about the 2013 draft. The Bengals need help at running back. They may need help at center due to injury. And the Bengals have big trouble at linebacker and safety.

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