Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama Rocks

On Tuesday's debate, we got the return of President Barack Obama. He was combative, passionate and witty. Obama did not let Republican Mitt Romney get away with any of his malarkey. Obama did what he had to do. Romney was solid but he made some mistakes. He directly addressed the President. I'm sure the right-wing loved this since I hear they wanted Romney to take the fight to the President. But he asked him questions he didn't know the answer for. And Obama counter punched and rocked him. This occurred when Romney questioned whether Obama called the Benghazi consulate attacks an "act of terror." He did. Romney also struggled with questions on specifics of tax reductions and women.

Obama kicked ass. And when Romney talked about his concern about caring about 100 percent, Obama reminded the audience about Romney's 47 percent comment. Obama reminded the American people those people are soldiers, people on social security, and working people. Knockout for Obama.

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