Sunday, October 7, 2012

Save Big Bird

In Wednesday's debate, conservative Republican Mitt Romney in one breath said he loved Big Bird, but he wants to end public funds going to PBS which produces Sesame Street, the home of Big Bird. Romney wants to kill Big Bird!

On the serious side, PBS is the nation's classroom. Various programming educate, entertain and enlighten children to adults. Conservative Republicans have always used to PBS as a whipping boy for deficits. The subsidy to PBS is a drop in the bucket as far as the national budget. (It's about .012 percent.) But they are short sighted and of course, use low effort thinking. (Study indicates conservatives use low effort thinking.) This is the anti-intellectualism that we get from the Republicans.

Want to save Big Bird? Vote for the Democrats.

Ed Schultz on Big Bird.

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Big Bird on Saturday Night Live, refuses to politicize the issue.

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