Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney's lies rock Obama

Okay, the day after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney rocked President Barack Obama during a debate, it's time to think about what was said and what happened. First, let me congratulate Mitt Romney for a masterful debate performance. He was engaging, and energetic. Whereas, Obama was listless. Obama missed chances to remind Romney of his 47 percent comments and he let him continue to tell that malarkey about Obama cutting Medicare.

But the biggest lie was the one Romney told about taxes and the rich. He said that he would not cut taxes for the rich. What the f.....? He said this, “I cannot reduce the burden paid by high-income Americans.” Romney has proposed to cut across the board a twenty percent tax cut. He wants to end the estate tax that according to Rolling Stone would decrease his sons tax burden by millions of dollars. There are other lies from Romney at last night's debate. Here is the list of Romney Lies from Rolling Stone.

Look, as much as the left is running for cover, one debate will not win the election for Romney. Take a look at 1984 debates where Republican President Ronald Reagan was terrible with his first debate with Democrat Walter Mondale. Reagan bounced back. But Obama cannot let Romney get away with the lies. He must take a risk and fight back with the facts. Was this a racial thing? Was Obama taking a cue from Jackie Robinson who had to endure the racial taunts so as to not to scare the white people? It's 2012. The American people want to see a strong President, no matter what color they are. The President is a gifted speaker. He must treat each debate; every answer as a speech. Once he shows his passion for the people, the presidential race will be over. Barack Obama wins.

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