Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What the Hell Is Going On in South Carolina?

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show likes to say South Carolina is a state that gives us comedy gold. Let's face it. We all have to agree with Jon. South Carolina is America's comic relief in these distressing times. So, with the help of Jon Stewart, and Jimmy Kimmel let's go over some of the recent moments of insanity coming from that state, in a "WTF" review.

5. Miss Teen South Carolina, (2007) When asked why some Americans couldn't find the United States on a map, Miss Teen South Carolina was absolutely in bubble headed blond mode in her answer. Then Jimmy Kimmel had great fun analyzing the answer on the blackboard before Glenn Beck started using one in his paranoid commentaries.

4. Governor Mark Sanford. (2009) Once considered a 2012 presidential candidate, social conservative Governor Mark Sanford disappeared for a few days, leading to a search for his whereabouts. Where was he? He was in Argentina, with his mistress. Here's Jon's take.

3. Man has sex with a horse twice. (2009) In South Carolina, there was this guy who had sex with the same horse twice. Here's Jon's take.

2. Attacks on Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley. (2010) First there was fellow Republican, Jake Knotts, who called Republican candidate Nikki Haley who is a Sikh, a raghead comparing her to President Obama who's from Hawaii. Then two guys made claims that they had affairs with her. One of them sets Jon Stewart's gaydar off.

1. Alvin Greene. (2010) This guy won the Democratic nomination for Senate while being charged with showing pornography to a college student. Oh, he had no campaign, and being unemployed he had no visible means of raising the ten thousand dollars for the filing fee. Some have theorized that Greene won because his name appeared above his opponent, Vic Rawl or that African Americans voted for him because Greene is a popular name among blacks, or people confused him with Al Green, the soul singer! Here's what Jon has to say about it and he makes fun of Democrats who think Greene is a Republican plant.

I agree with Jon Stewart. Thank you, South Carolina. And double thanks for giving us Stephen Colbert.

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