Monday, June 21, 2010

Go For It, Reds!

Okay, the Reds just got swept by the last place Seattle Mariners. And adding salt to the wound, they couldn't score a run against a guy who was 0-6 with and ERA over six before the start of the game. (Ryan Rowland-Smith) Yes, the Reds faced two tough pitchers in Cliff Lee, and Felix Hernandez in the previous two games. But the Reds were once ten games over and in first place. Now they are a game and a half out.

So, why am I saying the Reds should go for it now? There's an adage in baseball, that if you can win it all now, you must go for it. That means you make trades and moves for the short term. You give up valued prospects for guys to put you over the top. Can the Reds win it all this year? Yes. As I have said, the Reds were ten games over and in first place. If this team plays to its potential, they can beat anybody.

That begs the question, what does this team need or could use? Well, Cliff Lee is rumored to be available. He's a former Cy Young winner and a great teammate. And if you watch him silence the Reds bats, he would be a number one guy in a Reds rotation. The Reds do have talent to get him. For example, prospect Yonder Alonso can't get on the field because Joey Votto is entrenched at first. Getting Cliff Lee would send a jolt through the team that the Reds will do what it takes to win. I would also find a solution to getting Drew Stubbs to hit. I want to see less strikeouts and more contact from him. If he can't hit on this level, the Reds should look elsewhere for help. But Reds Nation, don't give up on this season.

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