Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conservative Republicans Defend BP

A number of Republicans have attacked President Obama for getting 20 billion dollars in restitution from BP. Rep. Joe Barton (Texas) apologized to BP and called the fund a shakedown. He wasn't the only Republican to defend BP. Tom Price (R-Ga), former GOP chairman and Mississippi governor Haley Barbour and of course Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) all were critical of Obama getting the 20 billion dollars. If I can paraphrase Keith Olbermann on Bachmann last night on Countdown, "THE REPUBLICANS ARE DEFENDING BP!" (Of course, Bachmann is the Worst Person in the World.)


That's like apologizing to Japan for declaring war on them after they attacked Pearl Harbor.

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I bet Keith is going to talk about the conservative Republicans defending BP in a future episode. :) Update: Barton has apologized for his apology. Look, it's not like he blurted something out. It was conscious effort to attack Obama for doing something good.

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