Friday, June 25, 2010

Lost Sucks

Okay, I've spent a week fighting Rabid Losties in the comments section of Choke On Funny's review of the Lost series finale. It's on YouTube. After that, it's time for a new segment in unleashing my rage for having wasted six years of my life watching Lost.

"You can let go now." Rose to Jack on the plane in Sideways World.

No, I'm not going to let go until I get invited to the church by Evangeline Lilly. : ) After fighting with Rabid Losties under the name Basementblooger, I have discovered their favorite defense of this terrible last season. It's interesting because Rabid Losties like Doc Jensen and Dan Snierson of Entertainment Weekly and others furiously defending Lost all bend themselves like pretzels to explain the last season and the finale. Yet, they all have different theories to the show. Anyway the defense you see the most and in the past I've discussed it, is...

"You bring your own interpretation to the show or interpret it any way you want."

Here's what's wrong with that defense. Scripted television and film are not interactive mediums. You cannot control the characters or paramaters because the writers do. I can't make Kate go with Sawyer. I don't have control over them. However, you can write any piece of junk and leave it open for interpretation and run around and call it art. That's not responsible and just plain lazy.

When you read all the different interpretations for the last season of Lost, it becomes clear that mysteries were never going to be answered or maybe the writers didn't know how to resolve them. For example, Terry O' Quinn on Jimmy Kimmel's show says he didn't know he was the Smoke Monster in season five. Alan Dale who plays Charles Widmore said on Kimmel's show didn't know whether he was bad or a good character. First, I feel for the actors who most be able to channel motivation from the script. They had none. Second, it lends proof that the writing was haphazard. So, now writers can just create incomplete junk and offer the "intrepret it your own way" defense.

Of course, Rabid Losties have multiple theories on season six. And by using the "bring your own interpretation" can make season six look like Shakespeare. Let me demonstrate how speecious this is. I was challenged by a Rabid Lostie on the net to use some imagination. Okay, you asked for it, here it is. I'm going to take on the mystery surrounding what happens when the Man in Black (aka Smokey, Fake Locke) leaves the Island and why it would be detrimental.

"Invisible magic fairies live in Jacobs' butt. They would come out and do magical things like heal Locke's paralysis. When Jacob died, the magic fairies went to live in Fake Locke's butt. Should Fake Locke leave the Island, he would take the magic fairies to the world off the Island. The fairies are anti-matter and if they touched real matter, they would cause massive explosion."

See the problem? Nothing prevents my silly story from becoming Lost's story. The writers of the show have avoided all responsibility. Everyone is happy because you have no conclusion or the conclusion is up to the viewer. Let's face it. Every creative artist must face his audience and hope that they like her piece of work. That's par for the course. But in Lost, there is absolutely no artistic courage.

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