Monday, May 24, 2010

When Lost Jumped the Shark

Spoiler. You've spent six years watching Lost and were praying for a great series finale. Unfortunately, you got a show with New Age religious overtones. It looked like a show that was going to go heavy into wormholes, time travel, parallel universes and electromagnetism. But no. Sideways world is some type of purgatory where the castaways get together for a happy ending. This doesn't explain why Hurley is now protector of the island when he's dead and in purgatory. Unless time is meaningless and Hurley joins the group after he dies which kind of makes him a god. Update: There's a consensus on the web that Sideways World was a purgatory where time has no meaning. That means when Hurley dies he can meet up with Jack at anytime. How convenient? The Island according to many is real. Don't ask me about how they survived the nuclear bomb. Awful, just plain awful.

So when did Lost jump the shark? That's where a television series like Happy Days went bad. In Happy Days it was an episode where Fonzie literally jumped a shark on skis. It starts where we finally meet Jacob (Mark Pellegrino, above) in the flesh and also his nemesis, the Man in Black (Titus Welliver), in the fifth season episode "The Incident." (2009) The show finally jumps the shark in the sixth season episode "Across the Sea" (2010) Now the show has become a full blown religious allegory. Don't you wish the show's writers had hinted at this New Age religious stuff way before the last season? It's quite a jolt. And it doesn't fit the science fiction material developed in the first five seasons. Memo to Bad Robot. Please keep Damon Lindelof away from Star Trek 2.

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