Monday, May 31, 2010

The Meaning of the Lost Finale and Series, Part 3

Okay, after reading other reviews, everybody is coming with this conclusion about the Lost Series Finale. It is that the Island exists. Sideways World is kind of purgatory where time has no meaning. That part I understand. But what this means is that the show now kind of sucks. I mean there is an Island where smoke monsters exist, paralysis can be healed and you can survive a nuclear explosion! Yes, I know it's supposed to be paranormal. But at least with a movie like Harry Potter, they tell you that magic exists. The problem is that the writers used reality based flashbacks, flash forwards, and sideways to ground the show. And then they teased us with science fiction concepts, only to end it with this New Age crap. Did they explain anything significant about the Island? No. Aaaaaaaaah! And the end was saccharine and contrived. Everybody is in the church with their significant other. Jack dies on the Island but reunites with Kate in Sideways World. I'm getting cavities. He can't even die alone. Vincent, the yellow lab has to comfort him as he moves onto Sideways World. This guy (DabramahBull) on YouTube does a great job explaining the way I feel.

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