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Mass Effect 2: Get the "No One Left Behind" Achievement

Here's how I got Mass Effect 2's "No One Left Behind" Achievement and also saved the Normandy crew. Warning, this post contains spoilers. But if you want the happiest ending then this is how to do it. Now if you check the Internet and YouTube, you'll notice that there are many ways of getting this Achievement. This is how I completed the Achievement, using my combat squad of Samara (pictured) and Grunt.

1. Things you must do first. The Achievement requires your whole team of samurai survive the last mission. It is possible to get the achievement and lose the Normandy crew but that's not the happy ending we're aiming for. There are some things you must do first before you start the final mission. Upgrade the ship in three areas. Talk to Jacob to get the Heavy Ship Armor upgrade. Talk to Tali to get the Multicore Shielding Upgrade. Talk to Garrus to get the Thanix Cannon upgrade. If you do not get all three upgrades, you'll lose a teammember for each upgrade not obtained during the final mission.

Get the loyalty of all members of your team. If you don't, those members of your team that are not loyal may die. This is done by performing those teammembers' loyalty missions. I also obtained full Paragon status as quickly as possible. This kept morale up. Take for example, when a fight broke out between Jack and Miranda, I was able to defuse the situation without losing the favor of either. I also obtained every teammember's special weapons upgrade if they had one. You can get some of those by talking to them. See Jack.

Saving Yeoman Chambers.

Okay, now remember that we also want to save the crew of the Nomandy. You know, Yeoman Chambers, Dr. Chakwas (hacksaw, ha!), engineers Kenneth and Gabby, etc. Don't let the game's open ended mission structure fool you. To save the crew you must follow a particular order. But don't worry, the order only affects the last three missions.

Make sure you have completed all the loyalty missions when you are given the location of the wrecked Reaper to get the IFF. ("Derelict Reaper" mission) I also completed almost all of the secondary assignment missions to get experience points and credits. I'm pretty sure you don't have to complete all secondary missions because I left Citadel: Found Forged ID assignment. I wanted to go there with Legion after the final mission for laughs. Get it? Running around the Citadel with a Geth? It's especially hilarious when you argue with a security official about letting an Asari travel, when you point out the difference between a Geth and an Asari. Shepard, "One has a flashlight on his head..." all the while a Legion with the flashlight head is standing to your side. All right, you have to love the game.

Okay, now start and finish the "Derelict Reaper" mission. You pick up a Geth, Legion, at the end of the mission. Activate him on the ship and talk to him. Agree to help him with his loyalty mission. The game allowed me to complete Legion's loyalty mission before the final two missions (Normandy Attacked, The Final Mission) you need to complete to get the happiest ending.

Normandy Attacked/Save the Normandy

When you get back from Legion's loyalty mission, you get a message from EDI that you will have to take a shuttle to your next destination. Accessing the galaxy map starts the "Normandy Attacked" mission. You and the team travel away from the Normandy by shuttle. The Normandy is attacked and the crew is kidnapped by the Collectors. You control Joker and save the Normandy. Once, you get back on the ship, you find yourself alone with only your samurai, EDI and Joker. You can save your game but whatever you do, DO NOT TRAVEL TO ANY OTHER PLACE BUT THE OMEGA 4 RELAY.

Why? Because if you complete a side mission before you enter the Omega 4 Relay, Yeoman Chambers dies. It's logical. The longer you take to rescue your people, allows the Collectors to kill them. You see they are taking people to make them into Soylent Green. Okay, that's a joke. They are taking people and liquefying them into human goop. I'm not going to tell you why, that's a spoiler that doesn't need to be disclosed. Unfortunately, you can't save everyone, you will see a colonist woman turned into a human milk shake in the final mission, but if you follow my plan at least you won't see cute Kelly Chambers turned into human slop.

What's the reward? Well, after you successfully finish the last mission, you can return to the Normandy. You will see a busy ship with people. You will get praises from crew members and gratitude. Kelly will be at your side on the CIC. Along with your team, they're all alive. Again this is the happiest ending. The next step is how to save your samurai team on the suicide mission. So read on, fellow gamers.

2. The Final Mission. Okay, you've entered the Omega 4 Relay and had sex with the mate of your choice. The ship enters the space where the Collector station is at. You will need to fight off a couple of ocular robots. The Normandy crashes into the Collector station. You will have to divide your team. Your squad will fight its way to the center of the station. Another will divert the enemy. One person must open doors to allow everyone to reach the center.

a. Who to Pick For the First Objective? You must pick a tech expert to open the door towards the end of the first leg of the battle. He must move through a tube while being exposed to hostile environmental conditions. Picking team members requires logic. The best tech people are Tali and Legion. I chose Legion.

The next team member to pick is the one who will lead the diversion or fire team. Again logic is important here. I picked Garrus. Remember he has experience to lead men into battle.

As for my squad, I chose Samara and Grunt. Why? The enemies on the Collector ship are organics. Both use assault rifles as their primary weapon, an excellent gun that fires rapid rounds and inflicts major damage. Grunt, at this level is unstoppable. If you have upgraded Samara's Throw power, you will be able to wipe out multiple enemies at once. Against charging husks, she can take out a group of them.

b. Who to Pick for the Second Objective? Okay, you've reached the Normandy crew and saved them. The next step is reach the area where the tubes containing the human goop is going. You divide the team again. One team must again travel one way while you travel the other. I picked Garrus again to lead the fire team. Unfortunately, your armor cannot save you from the larger Seeker Swarms so you need a biotic to throw a dome over your squad. I've read that Samara is good here but I want her in my squad. I chose Jack. Again, I picked Samara and Grunt for my squad.

The doctor tells you that the crew is too weak to fight. They must return to the ship. Pick a member of the team to escort them back. I've seen Mordin die at the end of the game, so I chose Mordin to escort the crew back to the Normandy. He will survive if he leads the crew.

c. The Third Objective. Finally, you reach an area before the final chamber. Give your command the room speech. :) Now pick your squad. Make sure they're loyal. I've done this with Samara and Grunt. But lately I've been picking Samara and Miranda. Why? First, your enemies are organics. AI hacking won't work here. Second, Miranda has strong dialogue at the climax. Third, Miranda and Samara are babes!

Update: (9-8-10) Lately, I would complete the Derelict Reaper mission and save Tali's Recruitment mission to be the next one to be completed just for the fun of it. And I have still saved the crew and the team. Here's how. Now this is important. After Derelict Reaper, you get to do two more missions before the crew gets kidnapped in Normandy Attacked. After the kidnapping you must go into the Omega 4 relay to save them. You could complete everybody's recruitment and loyalty missions before the Omega 4 relay which would simplify everything for the achievement and saving the crew.

But I get a kick by taking Legion on Tali's recruitment mission. He can AI hack some of the Geth and the mission is easier. Plus, you get some interesting dialogue. But remember you must get Tali and talk to her before the final mission to get the multicore shield upgrade. So, I completed Tali's recruitment mission. Got the multicore shield. Then I do Legion's loyalty mission with Tali. That mission is much easier with Tali, because now you have two techs who can AI hack Geth. Legion is now loyal.

But you say those are two missions after getting Legion. The Normandy will be attacked and the crew kidnapped when you attempt the next mission. Tali will not be loyal. That's correct. So how do I save Tali who's not loyal in the final mission? Remember you have Legion and he's loyal. He's the tech expert you send in the tube at the beginning of the Final Mission. Now what about the leader of the fire teams? First all must be loyal. The choices I've discovered that work are Miranda, Garrus and Jacob. That's logical because they're all good leaders. The consensus on who escorts the crew should be Mordin. I've seen him get killed even though loyal when he didn't do the escort. Oh, and make sure he's loyal. On the long walk, I choose Jack to throw the barrier. Again, make sure she's loyal. Okay, on all three combat missions, I've chosen Miranda and Samara. Make sure they're loyal. They're also babes. What does that do? It gives all fire teams combat strength. Each team has Grunt who is a tank and that protects Tali.

So, what's the reward? Well, you get to take Legion on Tali's loyalty mission after the final mission. You get some interesting dialogue from the Quarians who hate the Geth. Of course, Legion is a Geth. By the way, the enemies in Tali's loyalty mission are Geth so Legion's tech expertise helps. Plus if you have not done the side mission, "Eclipse Smuggling Depot" you now have two tech experts to use combat drones on each YMIR Mechs thereby allowing you to get more crates. It just goes to show you that there are other ways of getting the achievement and saving the crew.

d. Conclusion. By following the above steps, the crew of the Normandy and your team of samurai will survive the Suicide Mission. Note that when Mass Effect 3 comes out, the surviving characters may appear in the sequel. You ran into surviving Mass Effect characters in the second game, so there is an added benefit.

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