Monday, May 17, 2010

Turning Point

Today the Cincinnati Reds stand atop the Central Division after taking two of three from the St. Louis Cardinals. And I'm excited. I predicted the team will win the division. Okay, they've only played 37 games. If the Reds win the Central, Saturday's game was a turning point. Over the last ten years, there have been heart breaking losses and the Reds on that night looked like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football held by Lucy. Two outs in the ninth. The Reds were clinging to a one run lead when closer Francisco Cordero gave up a double with a Cardinals runner rounding third with the tying run. Here we go again. Not today. Chris Heisey gets the ball off a dead hop. He fires it to Orlando Cabrera. He fires the ball off line but on time to catcher Ramon Hernandez. Hernandez dives to make the tag. Out! Game Over. Reds Win. Here's the Reds post with the video replay.

I was right about the Bengals draft. I'm right about this Reds' year. Look at the starting pitching we've got over the last week. Three complete games. When can you remember that? If that pitching holds up, the Reds not only win the division but the whole thing.

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