Monday, August 11, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order Uber tips for Chapter 2, Asylum

This is first in my series of tips for the hardest parts of Wolfenstein: The New Order on the Uber difficulty setting. First, check out my general tips for this game on the Uber setting.

Today, we look at the end of Chapter 2: Asylum. The hardest part of this is the end. It starts when you're in the office and push the button to open the asylum's entrance to the outside. You get attacked by about ten soldiers. Stay in cover and take them out. When they're all dead, pick up all of the ammunition left on the ground. Then pick up any health and armor. There's a helmet in one of the rooms on this floor. This might mean you are going outside overcharged on health. That's okay.

Before you open the door to the the courtyard, arm your assault rifle and switch to RPG mode. Now go outside. You see Anya being pushed down by Nazi soldiers. Go to the left of the porch. Get the Tesla grenades. Kill the Nazis with the RPG. You can't kill Anya with friendly fire. When they're dead run to cover behind a wall to the left.

A truck busts through and launches two drones. Try to get them grouped together. Throw the grenades on the ground under them. The electrical charges from the grenades takes them out. Now kill any stragglers. Pick up Anya and end the chapter.

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