Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 3 Uber Tips

We continue my series of tips for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Chapter 3 "A New World" on the Uber difficulty setting. If you haven't read my general tips for the Uber setting, here they are. This chapter requires you to clear out a section of Nazis so that the grandfolks can drive the car with Anya in the trunk. At the end, you will face two guard robots. Okay, first do your best to complete this with stealth. You can't avoid the robots quietly at the end though. Second, before you get to the car again and spawn the robots, collect all ammo, health AND especially Tesla grenades. Find these in the barracks and the gun turret building on the right. Burn through the metal opening with a dismounted gun turret. The metal portal is covered by a wooden crate. Inside you will find more grenades.

Okay, get back to the car and ride the side. This will cause a cutscene in which the guard robots bust out of two transport trucks. KNOW YOU ENEMY. Hitting a guard robot with a Tesla grenade will shock it and cause it to freeze. So, hit the first robot, closest to you with a grenade. Now run to the back of it. Near the top of the back is circle. Shoot at it with your assault rifle. The guard robot is now fatally wounded where it overloads. BOOM. Now run to cover and hit the second robot with a Tesla grenade. Same thing. Shoot the circle. BOOM. It's over in less than five minutes. Now get back to the grandfolks. They'll take you to the train station. You will get to ride the train to Berlin and um... celebrate Christmas with Anya.


Albert said...

I guess if you consider taxis refusing to pick up black people.Taxicabs serve everyone and have been doing it for years for uber service

Premkumar V said...

Thanks for the tip I was wondering why it was so hard, i am like thinking it must have a weak spot but i must have moved slowly around it cause it would turn and start shooting me.