Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 4 Uber Tips for Eisenwald Prison

Here are some tips for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Chapter 4 "Eisenwald Prison" on the Uber difficulty setting. Again as in past Uber tips, I will go only over the hardest parts. If you haven't reviewed my general Uber tips, check them out here.

The hardest parts in Chapter 4 are at the end. You and Fergus or Wyatt escape the cell block and pry a door open. You should kill the prone Nazi trying to kill you. Then take out the dog. Look to your left. Carefully kill soldiers on the plaza. Make your way up to the plaza. Once this first group of soldiers are dead, a fire trooper or shotgun trooper appears from the turret across the way. Take cover. If possible let him climb the steps as you take cover from the corner. Now, let him have it with heavy weaponry either a grenade, shotgun or your RPG feature of the assault rifle. Once he's down, watch out. Two soldiers come from an open door. Kill them. Now carefully go into the building from which they came to get more armor. AS you enter, to your immediate right is another fire trooper. I use my RPG. Down he goes.

Loot the building and go down to where Fergus is. He opens the last set of doors. You will face a control room protected by steel bars. Go to the left. Mow down soldiers. Now go to the control room and flank the others. Once everyone here is dead, loot the control room. Leave the area. Before you get to the stairs, arm your shotgun and whack the soldier that comes down the stairs.

Go up the stairs. Now you come to a hallway. Don't rush in. It's full of soldiers and a fire trooper. Arm your assault rifle and switch to RPG mode. Use it to kill the fire trooper. If you have to, move back to cover to the wall before the hallway. Clear the rest of the Nazis and be careful when you enter the hallway. Arm your shotgun. Two more soldiers jump you. Kill them. Now go right down the hallway. You get attacked by a kampfhund. Kill it. There's a soldier who pops out straight ahead and one comes down the stairs. Kill these guys.

Now go up the stairs to your left. Enter an office area. This leads you down to a room where if you go to far, a door will open. Do not run through the door. There's a fire trooper here. From an angle, throw a couple of grenades and use your RPG or shotgun. Kill him. Go through the door and outside. Take cover behind the metal fence. There are two more soldiers below. Feed them a lead lunch. Chapter over.

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