Thursday, August 7, 2014

American military action is the short term solution for Iraq

As ISIS threatens the Kurds in north east Iraq, the question becomes "Should the United States do anything?" That question is answered by another question. Is there a threat to the United States from ISIS?

The answer of whether ISIS is a threat to the United States is yes. All you have to do is go over to Vice News. They had a reporter embedded with ISIS troops. And what we know about ISIS is chilling. I won't link Vice News because there are images of beheaded Syrian soldiers. ISIS wants to establish a caliphate. Minority religions will be banned and their followers will face death. ISIS members in the Vice News video want to attack the United States. If this sounds familiar, it's Al Qaeda all over again. Only worse. ISIS has money robbed from Iraqi banks and American weapons taken from Iraqi armed forces. They are well funded and armed.

So, what should the United States do? For the short term, the United States should use military action. The United States should use air strikes against ISIS. Fighter bombers, or drones. It doesn't matter. This should help the Iraqi army and Kurds push these terrorists back. But for the time being, no American ground troops. This is an Iraqi problem. Short term requires defeating ISIS by the Iraqi military. Long term solution requires a political one. The Iraqi government must respect the Sunni minorities. Respect them and you won't see them running off to ISIS. Democracy is more than majority rule, it requires protecting the beliefs and rights of minorities.

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Good information in this blog. USA requires short team help the itaqi army. Thanks

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