Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sarah Silverman gets a visit from Jesus Christ

This Chinese man loves Sarah Silverman. Okay, that's a joke on her "I love chinks" joke from Conan O' Brien's old show. (2001) Anyway, comedian Sarah Silverman made a PSA about how the right-wing injects religion into our government especially the abortion debate. Check out her hilarious video below. And from Black and Right, is the clip of her "chink" remark. I can't agree with the editorial viewpoint of Black and Right but I'll be like Fox News and say you decide. And yes I do get the "chink" joke. Silverman doesn't really mean it, she's playing the ignorant white person routine. But let me clarify. I get Silverman's joke but the word "chink" is just as despicable as the "N" word. I hope she doesn't use it again and I do not believe that Sarah is racist. It's just she should realize the "c" word is the "n" word for the Chinese. It's designed to discriminate.

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