Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Red Rifle makes rookie mistakes

You knew this day was going to happen. Cincinnati Bengals QB rookie Andy Dalton aka "The Red Rifle" was going to have a rookie day. He threw three interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens. Bengals lose 31-24. Okay, it was more than Dalton. The defense gave up big plays. Bad call by referee on a touchdown by tight end Jermaine Gresham eliminated that TD. And in the final two plays, the offensive line gave into three defensive linemen for a grounding penalty and a sack.

At least you can say the Bengals showed they cold fight back. They were down by seventeen points. And Andy Dalton led the team back within the last minute right before the goal line. All this was done without Dalton's favorite weapon, wide receiver A.J. Green who was hurt.

Is there such a thing as moral victories? Hard to say at this point. But in the NFL, it's wins that count. Season is not over yet. But Bengals need help to make the playoffs. Next up, the Cleveland Browns at home. If its brown, flush it down.

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