Thursday, November 3, 2011

Congratulations to Cincinnati Reds Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips

First, let me congratulate Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto. He won the Gold Glove for his position. Trust me baseball fans, he deserved it. Not only can the man hit but he can field his position. And according to a Lance McAlister interview with Reds GM Walt Jocketty, the Reds want to keep him here for next year and hints that the Reds would like to extend his contract. Can we end the trade Joey Votto talk now? By the way, if you haven't read it, here are my articles on the silliness of trading Joey Votto. 1)Reds GM Walt Jocketty Puts Stop to Trade Joey Votto Talk ; 2) Should the Reds trade Joey Votto?; and 3) Trading Joey Vottto This Year Would Be A Mistake.

Second, a big tip of the Cincinnati Reds cap to their second baseman, Brandon Phillips. First, he won the Gold Glove. Now, I've watched baseball for decades. Let me tell you, I have not seen a second baseman with greater range than Brandon. Yeah, I've seen Reds Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. Morgan has better offensive numbers and was a good fielder. But Phillips will make a mouth dropping play almost every night. Throwing guys out from right field. Diving catches. Throws between his legs. He's an entertainment all by himself. And Brandon has also just won the Silver Slugger award. That award is voted by the managers and coaches of baseball and given to the top offensive player for his position. He can hit for power, and average. He also has speed on the base paths. Congratulations Brandon Phillips! Check out this BP tribute video from ewadewest05.

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