Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bengals schedule works in their favor

You'll hear a lot of football pundits saying that the Cincinnati Bengals 6-2 record is a product of their easy schedule. First, you want to know something? This is the NFL. Perhaps with the exception of beating the Green Bay Packers, any team can beat another. Second, if you're a good team, you must beat the bad ones. It's not easy to run off five straight victories in this league.

But more importantly, the easier part of the schedule coming first for the Bengals has been an advantage. It's given more time for rookies QB Andy Dalton and A.J. Green to get more experience. That experience will bode well for the Bengals upcoming matches with the tough Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. Green and Dalton are learning quickly from game to game. Last week against Seattle, Green did fight for a ball which led to an interception. This week against the Tennessee Titans, he fought for a long ball. The defender was forced to interfere with Green. Result? Forty five yard pass interference call. Dalton is learning about the speed of the game. He's seeing exotic defenses thrown at him. And he's flourishing as the season wears on. He's got poise, accuracy and leadership. The team knows he can lead them on winning touchdown drives.

It's Steelers week folks. Time to batten down the hatches. Bengals Nation, I'm confident in our kids, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

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