Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roswell Was A Russian Hoax?

Author Annie Jacobsen in her book Area 51 says that the alleged Roswell UFO crash was a Russian hoax. According to her sources, she says that the Russians recruited Nazi Josef Mengle to create alien like children to pilot a craft to America. The goal was to create mass hysteria ala Orson Welles' "The War of the Worlds."

Okay let me get this straight. First, the Air Force says it recovered an alien aircraft near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Then they change their mind and say it was a weather balloon. Then in the mid-nineties, the Air Force says it was top secret balloon to detect Russian nuclear tests. The Air Force then says that the alien bodies were really anthropomorphic dummies dropped from high altitude balloon tests. One problem with that one is that the tests occurred in the fifties.

The Truth Is Out There

So should we believe Jacobsen's explanation? I say no. Clifford Clift of MUFON points out in Christian Science Monitor, that if the Russians wanted to create mass hysteria, why crash this "alien" craft in New Mexico. Why not New York. He says crashing the craft near a big city would create more panic. I agree.

Jacobsen's version of what happened at Roswell is even crazier than aliens crash landing. Josef Mengle allegedly fled to Argentina soon after the war and died in Brazil. I have seen no proof he was captured by the Soviets. Second, why would the Soviets send over a flying disk with advanced technology to be captured by the Americans. Yes, I'm assuming that the craft was advanced because it was remotely piloted and could avoid radar. It makes no sense for the Soviets to do that. Third, if it was obvious that they were human and this was a Russian plot, why didn't the Air Force disclose this in the nineties? Look, we already knew that Japan was able to send balloons over American territory to start wildfires. So, the Soviets did allegedly did a crazy thing. Americans wouldn't panic in consideration of the Japanese balloon attack. And with the collapse of the Soviet Union, how come we haven't heard about this from anybody in Russia? Finally, this sounds like a stupid joke by Stalin. I mean how could a Welles like panic hurt the United States?

Annie Jacobsen is being used.

During World War II, at the time before the D-Day invasion, the Allies used Gen. George Patton to deceive the Germans that the invasion would happen at Calais. It was called Operation Fortitude. It was leaked that Patton was in charge of a fake army and photographed near its assets.

I believe Annie Jacobsen is being used the same way by the government. The government has had multiple explanations for Roswell. Alien craft. Secret balloon test. Dropped dummies. Now, it's a Soviet joke. With all these explanations, the government has something to hide. What? I don't know. Witnesses to Roswell like Jesse Marcel have no motives to lie. If aliens did crash at Roswell, it's one of the biggest secrets that the United States government is trying to keep under wraps.

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