Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mass Effect 2: The Professor, Tips for the Environmental Control on the Insanity Setting

I found this helpful glitch for the mission, The Professor at the Environmental Control while playing on the Insanity difficulty setting. First, let me tell you about the configuration for this tip. I'm playing on a XBOX 360 and cleaned out the cache to remove "upgrades." I cleared the cache because I want to use the infinite talent trick while playing on Insanity. I am also playing offline. (Video below for infinite talents)

Now if you have gotten to the Environmental Control on The Professor mission, you know this is the boss level. Now I'm playing this on Insanity but I was able to install the cure and then clear the room once it triggered more enemies. You're next task is to turn on the fans. Fans are in wings on each side of the room. Once you head down the stairs of a wing, the doors open and you're attacked by Vorcha, some with flamethrowers. Okay, run back upstairs and kill these guys from an elevated position. So far so good.

Now that you've cleared the wing, you may get the temptation to turn on the fan. DO NOT TURN ON THE FAN UNTIL YOU CLEAR THE OTHER WING. If you do, you will get attacked by more Vorcha and charging Krogen! Then there will be multiple Vorcha with rocket launchers on the balconies overlooking the other wing. Yikes. Here's what you do. You've cleared one wing. Go to the other wing and engage more Vorcha with the strategy cited above. Now, both wings are clear. Turn on the fans. Guess what? No charging Krogans or Vorcha with rocket launchers. Hey this tip makes playing this last part much easier on the Insanity setting.

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