Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reds Will Come Back; Send Volquez to Bullpen

Today, the Cincinnati Reds got thumped by the Cleveland Indians, 12-4. Edinson Volquez was absolutely dreadful. He gave up seven runs in three innings. Volquez looked defeated after the first inning. His body language demonstrated he did not want to be on the field. It's time to stop this insanity. During the early part of his career, the Texas Rangers sent Volquez all the way down to single A because of his lack of maturity. Volquez is out of options so send him to the bullpen. The problem with Volquez and the first inning is his lack of concentration. And I've seen nothing to indicate that Volquez this year is consistent with his delivery or have the mental moxie to be a major league starter. UPDATE. Lance McAlister of 1530 ESPN says Volquez has options. So, the Reds should consider sending him to the minors.

It's beginning to look like the trading Josh Hamilton (2010 American League MVP) was a big mistake. Is it as bad as Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas? That trade was considered one of the worst in the history of baseball. The Volquez trade should now be considered a bad trade. It's not as bad as the Robinson trade because Hamilton won't go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Next time, the Reds should heed red flags like maturity issues.

The Cincinnati Reds were resilient last season. The Reds are resilient this year. They will bounce back. But fix the Volquez situation.

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