Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mass Effect 2 Abandoned Mine Tips

Here's some tips for this side mission for Mass Effect 2 called "Abandoned Mine." These tips are for the Normal difficulty setting. If you want tips for the Insanity difficulty setting, check for them here. You'll get this mission by buying the star chart for Minos Wasteland from Baria Frontiers on Illium. Once you're in the cluster, head over to the Fortis System. The planet you'll need to head to is Aequitas. Your mission is to investigate why the mine went silent.

Squad members and weapons are dependent on the enemy you will face. They are all husks. I choose Jack because of her Shockwave power. I usually maximize this power with the talent points. She's able to knock down and kill multiple husks. The second squad member is less important, though I pick Samara since I can maximize her throw talent so she can throw multiple enemies. And when she does that to husks, it usually kills most of them. Tali, is another good choice for the reason I'll get to later. The one weapon I recommend is the flamethrower which you get by completing Zaeed's mission. That mission comes with the game if you bought it new.

The mission is straight forward. You explore the mine. Hack lockers to pick up credits. Husks will attack you. Sometimes they will jump from ceilings. Eventually, you will get to a place where there's a path leading up and another path to the left. Both paths will lead to an open area.

Okay, here is where it gets hairy. Husks will drop from the ceilings in large numbers. And it might seem like an infinite number but on the normal difficulty setting after you've killed a bunch of them, the supply of husks will eventually stop. During combat EDI will tell you to destroy an alien device in a room off to the side of the open area. But before you do that there's a locker on the floor to hack with credits. If you've brought Tali, you can try this optional approach. While you're attacked by husks, use her combat drone to distract the husks. You may have enough time to hack the locker. Then shoot the marked targets on the alien device with a weapon. End of mission.

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