Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bengals should not pick a wide receiver with its first pick

The Cincinnati Bengals have the fourth overall pick in April's NFL draft. They should not pick a wide receiver. Wide Receivers A.J. Green of Georgia and Alabama's Julio Jones (pictured) look to be drafted in the first round. And while I agree it's a need, it's not as major as other areas for the Bengals. For that matter, it's not essential for winning Super Bowl championships. Remember that the New England Patriots won Super Bowls with no name receivers. Okay, you can say they cheated by filming the opposition. Still, the receivers they had were not big stars.

The last time the Bengals used a fourth pick overall to pick a receiver was in 2000. They picked the very average Peter Warrick. I just hope that owner and de facto Mike Brown learned his lesson. But it gets scary when Head Coach Marvin Lewis says things like this, "My boss loves offense." Cincinnati Enquirer, 3-27-11, pg. C3, col. 1.

I'll say this again and again. Games are won in the trenches. That means the offensive and defensive lines. Right now the Bengals have needs there. Unlike baseball where you pick the absolute best player available, in football you pick the best player available in an are of need. The Bengals should pick a lineman.

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