Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is Charlie Sheen Right?

You've heard Two and a Half Men's former star Charlie Sheen spit out some of the most strangest quotes ever spoken by a celebrity. Sheen said he had Adonis DNA. He's got tiger's blood. Well, all those attacks on CBS and show creator Chuck Lorre has finally gotten him fired.

During an interview with NBC's Jeff Rossen, Sheen said CBS should "be licking his feet." Well, should they? After all, the show is the highest rated TV comedy. (Entertainment Weekly, 3-11-11, pg. 26) And it probably is the biggest comedy hit of the last ten years. Is Charlie Sheen right that the success of Two and a Half Men is because of him? The answer is "sort of."

Sheen played an alcoholic, and sex addict named Charlie Harper. Not to far from his real life persona. So basically he was playing himself albeit a saner version. To make this part work, the audience has to believe the actor. Certainly, Sheen has no problem playing the role since it's him. That's why John Stamos who's been rumored to take over the role is all wrong for the part. You're asking a guy from "Full House" to play X-rated after starring in a G rated family show as Uncle Jesse for years? Nah, it ain't going to work. But with Sheen in the role, CBS had a hit. The character of Charlie Harper had his faults but he was likable. He loved his brother and nephew. He certainly wasn't evil. And Sheen had great comic timing. Couple that with how believable he was in the role and you've got comedy gold.

But was the success of the show all Charlie Sheen? No. Absolutely not. Sheen needed a cast to play off. You can't dismiss the work of actors Jon Cryer and Holland Taylor. The directors also had a hand. And of course, the writers such as creator Chuck Lorre had even a larger part in the success of the show. I mean who is responsible for all those great jokes? The writers.

The sad reality is that Charlie Sheen has now destroyed his career in TV. He's become his own sitcom, one that may end with a sad ending. He has become the butt of jokes. (Saturday Night Live open below.) So far one hopes this real life comedy ends with a happy ending.

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Laura said...

''He's become his own sitcom.''
Haha- That's a really great line! Personally, I am not really sure about the whole Charlie Shen thing. But I think that it is getting way too much coverage in the press. I don't think that anybody else could play the Charlie Harper character. But, I don't really care because I HATE 'Two and a Half Men' so much, so I'm glad the whole thing has gone down the drain. Great post!