Thursday, July 22, 2010

Right- Wing Conservatives Destroy Woman

You may have heard the story of African American Shirley Sherrod. She gave a speech on racism in which she told the story when she was working for Georgia twenty four years ago about not helping a white farmer as best as she as could. The whole point was to show how she overcame her feelings and reached an understanding on the plights that faced both white and blacks. She did help that farmer.

Well, right-wing conservative Andrew Breibart posted video of her speech. Of course, Fox News jumped all over it. However, according to Media Matters Breibart posted only a short portion to make it look like she did that to a farmer while she was working for the Obama administration. Obama and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack fired her because frankly they're gutless. Well, after everyone figured out the context of the speech and THE ACTUAL FARMERS DEFENDED SHERROD FOR HELPING THEM, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Sherrod deserves an apology. Vilsack later apologized.

Here's Media Matters story.

Rachel Maddow did a story demonstrating Fox News' hypocrisy over the issue. She uses Fox's own clips. Steve Doocy is such a two face.

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