Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Mass Effect 2 Mining Patch

Last week, I downloaded an upgrade for my copy of Mass Effect 2 from XBOX Live. Don't worry, it was free. One of the things that I noticed was there was a change in the mining of planets. The target cursor now was much larger, perhaps twice the size as the original. Scanning now, there is none of that dragging the target through mud in the past. The planets spin rather quickly. What this does is that it is now much faster to mine a planet. And that was one of the biggest complaints for Mass Effect 2, the sleep inducing tedium of scanning, and minning of planets.

I applaud Bioware for improving a game after it has been placed on the market. That just shows you that the software company has been listening to the complaints. In my gaming experience, I can't remember a company improve a game after it was released. I mean I've seen patches for bugs but this is an attempt to improve a game. I've called Mass Effect 2 a masterpiece with flaws. I applaud Bioware for their efforts to seek perfection. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3.

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