Monday, July 5, 2010

Lost Sucks, Part 3.

Okay, Rabid Losties, pop quiz. One of the big problems of season six is the failure to answer major questions. And before you Rabid Losties attack me, think about this. The Island was a major hook for the show. Yes, we watched the character study but the Island was practically a character. It drove all the action. And many of us watched the intrique with the goal of answering the mysteries. So Rabid Losties, answer the following questions. A correct answer must have a reference to the show, season, action or dialogue. No, theorizing off the top of your head.

1. Besides being a cork, what is the Island?

2. What causes the supernatural things on the Island, such as flying smoke monsters, curing paralysis etc?

Note I'm not asking how the crazy things happen. For example, if you answer invisible magic fairies, I don't care what type of spells they use.

3. How did the castaways survive the nuclear explosion (Jughead)?

4. Besides being the caretaker of the Island, who is Jacob?

I mean is he a demi-god, prophet, a Seven Eleven manager?

5. Besides being evil and the brother of Jacob, who or what is the Man in Black?

6. What is the Source?

7. Why and how did the Man in Black turn into a smoke monster?

8. When Jack entered the cave that contained the Source, how come he didn't turn into a Smoke Monster?

9. What is Charles Widmore's "War"? (This is from Entertainment Weekly, 2-15-10, pg. 31)

10. Why is it so detrimental to the world, for the Smoke Monster aka Man in Black aka Fake Locke to leave the Island?

11. Since Sideways World is purgatory, why did Sayid create such a miserable existence for himself?

According to "The End", Sideways World is a a place in which the castaways created so they could come together. Yeah, really. So why would you create a world that is miserable for you? If it were me, I would create a world where I'm rich, and married to Jennifer Aniston.

12. Why couldn't the castaways remember their past lives in Sideways World?

Okay, I got this one. It's because the writers had to extend this contrived gimmick for the whole year.

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