Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jon Stewart salutes Barney Frank for slapping down crazy right wingers

Finally. A Jew has taken on those crazy right wingers who are accusing Obama of being a Nazi. Congressman Barney Frank put down a crazy woman for making the argument that health care reform by President Obama is a form of Nazi government. HELLO. The Nazis believed in a master race, i.e., the German Aryan race, blue eyed, blond hair white people. The Nazis believed this master race should dominate humanity. They dismantled civil rights and I'm not talking about just taxes. They slaughtered gays, gypsies and Jews, people they deemed to be subhuman. Blacks like Obama were not part of the master race. If you believe the President Obama is a Nazi when many of his supporters are blacks, gays and Jews, you don't know jack about Nazis. Please go back to school and study history. Thank you Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for your commentary. Oh and by the way Jon Stewart knows who are Nazis. He is also Jewish.

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