Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bengals Owner Mike Brown exercises bad judgment again

In past, Bengals owner Mike Brown has exercised terrible judgement. He stuck by David Shula as his head coach for four years when it was clear he was a horrific leader. He turned down the Saints' offer of all their picks for the Bengals' first round pick. His pick? The craptastic Akili Smith. Now, Mike Brown does it again. He refuses to follow the slotting system, i.e. a draft pick is paid more than the selections that follow. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes on his blog, "Look, if the Bengals didn't want to pay the kind of contract that the sixth overall pick in the draft now commands, the Bengals should have traded out of the slot or passed on the pick." Amen, brother.

It amazes me that after seeing Carson Palmer go down with injuries last year and seeing the result for the season, that Mike Brown doesn't at least follow the slotting system. I'm sorry he doesn't want to pay for right tackle Andre Smith BUT THAT'S THE PRICE OF DOING BUSINESS. Smith was drafted to protect the franchise, Palmer. Mike's cheapness could cost the Bengals this season and Carson's career.

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