Saturday, August 22, 2009

Avatar Trailer Review

The trailer for James Cameron's much hyped Avatar has just come out. And it's somewhat underwhelming. First, I must say that you can't judge a movie by its trailer. And if you know the history of Cameron's Titanic, predictions of disaster turned out to be false.

The problem with this trailer is the CGI aliens. It's difficult to portray emotions with CGI in a realistic setting. What I mean by that is that the humans are interacting with the aliens. This is unlike CGI used for a cartoon like effect. The blue alien "Tinkerbells" just don't look real. Some of the movements depicted by the CGI are stiff. That's just the weaknesses in the technology. I suggest that Cameron release 3D photos on the Web with instructions on how to get glasses. This worked great with Entertainment Weekly's 3D photos and glasses. That will get people excited about the 3D effects and ignore the artificial look of the aliens. Check out the trailer for yourself.

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