Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals, Episode 2 Review

Lance McAlister is reporting that episode one of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with Cincinnati Bengals received significant increases in viewers from last year's show with the Dallas Cowboys! That's America's Team folks.

Let's face it. This team is funny. In this week's second episode, there's Carson Palmer complaining about his smelly hands because he sticks them under center Kyle Cook. Cook blames it on some of the food. Yikes! Then we see that Palmer is a connesiour of Gatorade. Chad Ocho Cinco is a one man advertisement for McDonald's. This is a guy who has invented his own put down. "Child Please." Tank Johnson, last week had a nice moment with his son. This week we see a warm moment as he labors to build a bunk bed for his daughters. Then he tests it by putting his 330 pound body on the bottom bunk. This is a sitcom waiting to be made. Tank gets one more great moment. During a lecture on the internet, he jokingly asks if he could erase the criminal references in his past. The lecturer says no as he and the other Bengals share a good laugh. One quick thing about Tank. He has a troubled past but he looks as if he has turned over a new leaf.

There were warm moments. There was the story of safety Corey Lynch saving a motorist. Owner Mike Brown displayed his affection for Chris Henry, even though Henry had multiple run ins with the law. Henry displayed some emotion this time and seemed to be more contrite than last year. It's easy to like rookie Tight End Chase Coffman. who due to injury has been thrust into the limelight. The story with Coffman gets more depth as we learn that his coach Jonathan Hayes played in the NFL with Coffman's father.

There was fire. This comes from Head Coach Marvin Lewis. Wow. He really wanted to win the Saints' preseasons game, even though it was meaningless. He went after Henry for going towards the Saints sideline after a touchdown. At the end of the game, he yelled at his players and challenged them.

Again, it was beautifully filmed. The NFL orchestral music was inspiring. The music makes you want to root for this team.

But why do we love this team? Because they're the misfits, the guys from Animal House, the Bad News Bears and the Cleveland Indians from Major League. I can't wait for the next episode. The grade is "A."

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