Monday, March 12, 2018

High school students: Trump lied to you

There are many high school students who are fighting for a safe environment where they will not be shot by an assault rifle. They're not just fighting for themselves but all of us. Last month, conservative President Donald Trump met with survivors of Parkland High School shooting, and representatives of the Columbine and Sandy Hook massacres. But one student stood out with his emotional and intellectual argument for gun control. Sam Zeif. He questioned why we let weapons of war onto our streets and into our schools. He then cited one country that has passed gun control legislation. Australia. And he forcefully told the President of how many mass killings that country has had since their last mass murder. The answer is zero. (

Then there was a remarkable meeting with members of Congress. Trump in full con-man mode discussed taking away guns from dangerous people before a hearing. Something that a liberal might propose. He challenged Republican members to look for solutions and not be afraid of the NRA. He indicated he was not afraid of them. But after a later meeting with the NRA, Trump shows us who he is. He's all talk and a con-man. He doesn't have the guts to take them on or he's so beholden to them that won't do the right thing. Ban assault rifles. Universal back ground checks. He is touting the NRA's line. The wild idea of arming teachers. Huffington Post

Dear high school students. No more meeting with conservative Republicans. They are not listening to you. There's one political movement that believes in doing something about gun violence. Liberals. Vote liberal Democrat if you want to live. Flip the House and Senate. Impeach Trump for Russia collusion and a multitude of scandals.

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