Thursday, March 15, 2018

Conservative President Trump is tepid on Russian nerve gas attack

Republican President Trump is weak when it comes to condemning Russia for a nerve gas attack on an ex-spy Russian spy in England. This use of a military class nerve gas not only critically hurt its intended target but also effected a British policeman and the possibly the town of Salisbury. (BBC News) Instead of strongly criticizing Russia, the conservative Trump said "It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it." (CNN tweet and video below) It looks like they were behind it? Trump, you are clearly compromised by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Instead of addressing the nation that our ally was attacked and that we will assist Great Britain in response, you hedge on it. Somewhere Republican Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave. Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance made a forceful argument on what Trump should do when he appeared on MSNBC's 11th Hour. Check out the Nance's powerful statement in the video below.

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance tells America what Trump should do in response to a Russian nerve gas attack on England

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